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Hebei Zhongde Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing hydraulic gear pump business, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, the detection means are complete. 



Company covers an area of 33000 square meters, with an annual output of 200,000 sets of hydraulic gear pump capacity. 2011 through the ISO/TS16949:2009 Quality system certification.



Products are widely used forklifts, bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, special vehicles such as harvesters and lifting and transport engineering machinery and mining, metallurgy, construction, roads



I will also firmly establish the "integrity first, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of entrees, and continuously improve product quality and service quality through equipment upgrades, technological innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation



Company news

Our company always adheres to the principle of quality for development and quality for survival

10 2020-12
Research on bearing lubrication of triple gear oil pump
In general, the correct selection of bearing lubrication mode determines the service condition and life of triple gear pump bearing, so it is also a very important part in the design of gear pump.
03 2020-01
What is the use of the bearing on the hydraulic gear pump?
At present, the needle roller bearing widely used in hydraulic gear pump has many advantages: high bearing capacity; small friction coefficient
05 2020-01
Application of double gear pump in height adjusting system of Shearer
The height adjustment system of shearer is generally hydraulic height adjustment. The hydraulic system has single pump and double gear pump.
06 2020-01
Trapped oil noise and noise reduction strategy of hydraulic gear pump
When the oil pump is meshed with the gear, the two parts of the oil pump are not connected with each other. When its capacity changes from large to small, the trapped hydraulic oil is squeezed, and the pressure speed increases


The following factors should be considered when purchasing: product use and use environment, pressure (common pressure, instantaneous maximum pressure, and use pressure time curve), speed and steering, torque, displacement (flow), type of engine, installation position and method, type of oil used, etc.; within three months from the date of delivery from our factory, the user shall use it according to the instructions, if there is any reason for manufacturing If the product is damaged due to poor quality and cannot work normally, and has complete use records, our factory is responsible for replacing, repairing or returning the product free of charge.

Our company founded in2004, After16years of development

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