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★ Working medium

1. It is recommended to choose l-hm46 or similar viscosity hydraulic oil in summer and l-hm32 or similar viscosity hydraulic oil in winter.
2. Working oil temperature range - 20 ℃ to 80 ℃.
3. The cleanliness of the system directly affects the reliability of the hydraulic components. Before refueling, the oil tank and pipeline should be fully cleaned. Generally, the pump sucks the oil filter with 100 mesh filtration accuracy (its rated flow rate should not be less than twice of the pump flow rate), and the oil return pipeline is connected with the oil filter with 25 μ m filtration accuracy.

★ Pump installation

1. The support structure of oil pump (motor) should be firm, rigid and can fully absorb vibration.
2. The oil pump (motor) can be installed in any direction (preferably horizontally). The shaft of pump and motor must be aligned, and the coaxiality should be controlled within 0.1mm. Please note that no radial or axial load is allowed on the pump shaft, no rigid connection is allowed, and it must be driven by flexible coupling.
3. The suction resistance should not be too high to prevent cavitation. The allowable vacuum of the pump is 110mm. The installation shall be close to the oil tank as far as possible, and the suction height shall not be greater than 500mm.
4. Pay attention to the connection flange, the joint and the whole suction pipe must be strictly sealed to prevent leakage. Otherwise, it will cause noise, system vibration, and generate a large number of bubbles in the tank, and reduce the life of the pump.
5. The diameter of oil suction pipe of oil pump shall not be less than that of pump inlet.
6. There should be no partition in the oil tank to separate the bubbles and dirt brought by the return oil. The oil return pipe should be extended below the oil level (not directly connected with the pump inlet) to prevent bubbles caused by oil return splash.

★ Start-up

1. Before starting the oil pump, the oil inlet and outlet should be checked, and the direction of rotation of the pump should be consistent with the direction indicated on the label (if the direction of rotation is not indicated when ordering, the pump should be supplied clockwise).
2. When starting, it should be started formally after the inching operation is normal under no-load condition as far as possible.
3. Due to the pump assembly or long-term shutdown and restart, there will be suction phenomenon, so the vent valve should be installed at the oil outlet, or the outlet flange and joint should be loosened to release air.

★ Maintain

1. The oil pump must be coated with anti rust oil, and the internal surface of the motor must be properly preserved if it is not used.
2. Check the performance of the oil regularly, replace it in time when it fails to meet the requirements, and clean the oil tank.
3. The oil filter should be cleaned frequently to ensure smooth oil suction.
4. Maintain normal oil level. When the capacity of piping and oil cylinder is very large, although enough oil is put in at first, after starting, the oil level will drop and the oil filter will expose the oil level, so it is necessary to replenish oil again. In the process of use, there will be leakage, so the oil level meter should be set in the oil tank to observe and replenish oil frequently.
5. When piping, the residual iron and slag in the oil tank and pipeline, especially the cloth strip, often cause the failure of the oil pump, so we must pay attention to the cleaning.
6. The regulating pressure of safety valve should not be too high, generally 1.25 times of the rated pressure of pump.
7. Keep the oil temperature in the range of - 20 ~ 80 ℃, the best is 35 ~ 50 ℃. If necessary, set heater and cooler to adjust oil temperature.
8. After the oil pump (motor) works for a period of time, (due to vibration) the mounting screw or the flange screw of the oil inlet and outlet may be loose. Pay attention to check and tighten it.

★ Common faults and troubleshooting

If the user finds any abnormal phenomenon in use, please find out the reason according to the list of common faults and troubleshooting methods and remove it. If the problem still cannot be solved, the oil pump may have failed. At this time, please do not dismantle and repair the oil pump blindly. You should contact our sales office or our overseas sales department in time to repair it. In order to avoid improper handling, affect the normal use of users, resulting in unnecessary losses.

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