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Research on bearing lubrication of triple gear oil pump

In general, the correct selection of bearing lubrication mode determines the service condition and life of triple gear pump bearing, so it is also a very important part in the design of gear pump.
10 2020/12

What is the use of the bearing on the hydraulic gear pump?

At present, the needle roller bearing widely used in hydraulic gear pump has many advantages: high bearing capacity; small friction coefficient
03 2020/01

Application of double gear pump in height adjusting system of Shearer

The height adjustment system of shearer is generally hydraulic height adjustment. The hydraulic system has single pump and double gear pump.
05 2020/01

Trapped oil noise and noise reduction strategy of hydraulic gear pump

When the oil pump is meshed with the gear, the two parts of the oil pump are not connected with each other. When its capacity changes from large to small, the trapped hydraulic oil is squeezed, and the pressure speed increases
06 2020/01
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